As part of the Clean Water Act’s objective to reduce the total environmental effect of combined sewage overflows, RWRA, in conjunction with the City of Owensboro, is requesting that property owners direct their roof drains to green space on their property so that rain water can be absorbed in the soil thereby reducing flooding and the volume of combined sewage overflows.  RWRA is in the process of notifying property owners that have known direct connection to the system and asking them to begin the process to disconnect and redirect this flow to green space.  Click here to view notification letter.   Click here  to view Owensboro’s Guidelines for Downspout Disconnection.

Below are links to various videos and documents  which demonstrate what other communities are doing to address downspout disconnection efforts. These videos and articles provide instructions on the proper removal of downspout disconnection.

Toronto Downspout Disconnect Instructions (video)

Flood Prevention: Downspout Disconnection (video)

Green City, Clean Waters Promo (video)

Redirect or Disconnect Downspouts (text)

How to Disconnect Your Downspout (text)

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