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The RWRA Administration Department is responsible for the overall management, organization, planning, safety/environmental and administration of RWRA, including policy development, budget preparation, procurement and disbursement administration, finance and finance administration, grant application and compliance, loan oversight, payroll and personnel administration, safety programs, industrial monitoring and complaint resolution,  State and Federal EPA compliance administration, local governmental agency and legislative coordination, development of insurance needs and resolution of insurance matters and development of long-range Agency planning.  Administration also works closely with RWRA Board to keep them apprised of Agency matters, assists Board counsel in the development of policies, agreements, acquisition of easements through legal means, and the resolution of all legal issues related to the Agency.

Joe Schepers – Executive Director
Dwayne Duke – Director of Finance & Administration
J. T. Fulkerson – Interim Director of Finance & Administration
Kristi Winkler – Purchasing & Office Manager
Devon Pinkston – Human Resource Manager
Holly Castlen – Safety and Environmental Manager
Kellie Pfeiffer – Executive Assistant
Debbie Blair – Finance Manager
Vanessa Kimble  – Administrative Aide
Stephanie Lancaster – Industrial Waste Coordinator
Tonya Smith – Finance and Administration Assistant

Phone: 270-687-8450 / Fax: 270-687-8454

The RWRA Operations Department is responsible for the overall management of RWRA’s wastewater collection, distribution and process control at treatment plants.  This division coordinates operations between field, plant and maintenance personnel.  This division includes contractual services and/or repairs are properly carried out through an inspection oversight function.  

Field Operations:   Responsible for maintenance of wastewater conveyance facilities, sewer installation, and contractual stormwater work as needed.  This division is responsible for customer service response, the television inspection of sewers and coordination with Agency personnel to record information for sewer repair and prioritization in order to enhance the Lucity and GIS Database.

Plant Operations
Overall management and operation of the respective treatment facilities, including lab data review for process control, waste bio-solids processing, delivery of waste for bio-solids disposal, operations personnel scheduling, plant compliance monitoring, calculation of necessary chemical application, and data collation for Division of Water submittals.

Maintenance Operations:
  The development, installation and maintenance of the hardware and software of wastewater equipment including SCADA, surveillance, Wonderware and Stantrol operating systems.  This division is also responsible for the management and maintenance of all equipment associated with the treatment plants, pump stations, buildings and related facilities. 

Contractual Services:   Responsible for the oversight of various contractor-provided services of the Agency.

Victor Cernius– Director of Operations
Mitzi Kilgore – Database Administrator/Operations Clerk
– Data Control Clerk/Receptionist
Sheila Roberts –  Operations Clerk
Vince Fogle – Construction Supervisor
Adam Higdon – System Inspection and Cleaning Supervisor
Del Willis – Field Operations Manager
Chris Carter – Contractual Services Coordinator
David Payne – Contractual Services Inspector
Chris Estes – Inventory Technician

 Phone:  270-687-8445 / Fax: 270-687-8447

Ronnie Galloway – Process Operations Manager
John Garvin
– Plant Operations Manager
Carroll Hill – Technical Support Manager

Phone: 270-687-8452 / Fax: 270-687-8454

The RWRA Engineering Department is responsible for the overall development of RWRA’s engineering responsibilities, which include the Agency’s oversight related to compliance with the Clean Water Act, sewer system projects development, design, surveying, permitting, project inspection and construction oversight, assimilate, compile and develop G.I.S. data into mapping system,  coordinate with legal counsel for easement acquisition, B.U.D. locates, project coordination, plan review and approval, project construction specification development, CSO program administration, long-range planning of sewer rehabilitation, and project development.

Dean Behnke – Director of Engineering
Sean O”Bryan – Associate Director of Engineering
Mark Rhinerson– Surveyor
Chad Gish– GIS Coordinator
Bryan Henderson– Engineering Technician
ike Henderson – Lead Construction Inspector
Robert Mattingly – Construction Inspector
Eric Barnett– Surveyor Assistant
Kari Couch – Surveyor Assistant
Angelia Wettstain – Engineering Aide






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